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If you have any of the following questions, it's better to read the real customers' reviews on DoraBeads here.

Is a legitimate website?

Just checking on the safety of ordering and the quality of its products. I see that it takes Paypal, so that is encouraging to me. Just want to check it out, kind of looks too good to be true!

How is the website

I would like to purchase a few outfits but I've noticed that it doesn't really give you an option to choose sizes and the shipping is rather expensive..I like the clothing but I've never used it before and I don't know if it'll be to my liking. Can someone give me some feedback?

Is a scam?

okay so i was searching random things on the internet and this site came up and its really cute stuff for under 20 bucks my mom thinks that it might be a scam can anyone tell me.

Is a reliable and safe website?

i've heard both positive and negative reviews on this website. i wanna buy some of the bags, but i'm not sure if they're real. some of their items sell for under $10, while some are over $200! is this a scam?

Is legit?

Have you ever purchased anything from Is it Legit?

DoraBeads - anyone used them before?

I am frantically trying to source a good dropshipper for my new website. The only one I seem to have found, which a has no upfront fees to dropship, and b) has the kind of items i want is named They are however in China, has anyone dealt with this supplier before?

Is reliable?

I've bought something from there and I didn't have a problem with shipping or the quality. From personal experience, or anything else for that matter, could someone tell me if this website is reliable?

Is for real or is it just a scam?

Is for real or is it just a scam? I am really interested in this site cause I ve found many cute outfits there and in extremely low prices. 

Is DoraBeads a real place online for Chinese stuff?

Is a fake site ? Is legit and trustworthy ?

Is DoraBeads a legitimate store?

I went on their website and was shcoked at the prices- it honestly seemed too good to be true. I really would love it if it were legit! But when I googled it there were some reviews all in praise of it and others warning it was a total scam. Obviously I don't want to hand over my credit card information to a scam, but I also don't want to pass up the deals if they are real. Does anybody know of or have personal experience with DoraBeads? Thank you!

Has anyone ever purchased an item from-

how long did it take for your package to come since it comes from china/asia.

and how many days is 10 business days?

Has anyone ordered from!!???

Check it out!! Lots of super cute things that are super reasonable!

Are there any DoraBeads complaints?

If you have any of the questions above, it's better to read the real customers' reviews on DoraBeads here.